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Algerian Stream

20th November 2019

Mediterranean Stream

21th November  2019
In these two days, high-level Ministry, NOC and Hydrocarbon Agency Officials from the Mediterranean, and key partners within the Med oil and gas industry will share their insights on current and future business opportunities in the region. to learn how to unlock the true potential of the Mediterranean hydrocarbon industry.


The Mediterranean Stream will focus on providing exploration and production updates in the following countries:


  • Tunisia

  • Morocco

  • Egypt

  • Greece

  • Cyprus

  • Spain

  • Lebanon 

The agenda will examine regional and national topics including:

  • East Med, TAP and other major pipeline projects

  • Tunisia: Permit map and new exploration opportunities

  • Morocco: Significant gas discoveries and exploration updates

  • Greece: Assessing the E&P landscape and exploration updates

  • Cyprus: The East Med success story; what is next and what are the opportunities for further investment?Lebanon: Updates on the recent and current Offshore Licensing Round

  • Egypt: Exclusive updates and partnership opportunities


It is well-known that Algeria is one of the most important countries in the oil & gas industry globally. They are Africa’s leading natural gas producer and they possess the third-largest oil reserves in the region, even with only one-third of the country adequately explored. Algeria has taken active steps in recent years to ensure its optimal relationship with existing partners and the realization of the country’s immense hydrocarbon potential.


The Algeria Stream will focus on how companies can make the most out of:

  • New exploration opportunities with several onshore and offshore blocks available in prominent locations

  • Midstream opportunities with millions invested every year

  • Large unconventional hydrocarbons deposits, with its shale gas reserves ranking among the three largest in the world 

  • Vast deposits of gas, with only one-third of the country explored 

  • The The Maghreb-Europe, Medgaz and Trans-Mediterranean pipelines make Algeria Europe’s most prominent gas supplier, and Africa’s energy node 

  • Large investments in the oil & gas sector, with early adoption of new technologies, upgraded facilities and techniques

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